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This is a private WWE Slash Roleplaying group. You must be 18 or older to click on this group and only a select group may play.
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 The Almighty Rules!!

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Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

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The Almighty Rules!! Empty
PostSubject: The Almighty Rules!!   The Almighty Rules!! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 5:26 pm

1. Pick a Wrestler that is not taken and ask the mods for the usage of the character.

2. Register and create a profile for yourself. Pretty standard.

3. Ask if you can join in a rp if one is already going and if they sure, jump into the squared circle.


5. You get hit, well you get hit unless you make your character dodge it. No saying you hit someone else character, they have to say if you hit them. For example; "Jeff Hardy climbs to the top rope, looks at the crowd riling them up before leaping off into a backwards ark aiming his body at Shawn Micheals for a Swanton." It never says he connected, it is up to Shawn if Jeff hits it or he rolls out of the way. Be reasonable though, it you are hit enough to have you not roll out, don't! Be as realistic as we can here!

6. Don't flame others, this is for fun after all.

7. Ooc Goes in the OOC Forum.

8. Listen to the Moderators please!

9. HAVE FUN!!!
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The Almighty Rules!!
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