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 How to Get Into The Ring

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Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

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How to Get Into The Ring Empty
PostSubject: How to Get Into The Ring   How to Get Into The Ring Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 5:19 pm

By now you've figured out how to register and all that nonscience so let's get the skinny on roleplay. First off, make sure you have a character I.E. Wrestler picked out and then find the right spot for you. All Hardy rping will be under the Hardys and may include incest. If you are not a Hardy or from Team Extreme and not having sex with one of them in a forum after asking the rper, don't post here or we'll have to clothesline you out of that forum. Edge for instance has a forum for his rping but at times a Hardy and Edge might get it on so it'll be under whatever topic they want between the two. If you need a forum made, just ask management and we'll make one for you.

Make the posts nice, need and clean ie. Spell checker people. Nothing is more annoying to have spelling errors when you're reading a post. We are all adults here so let's try and make it look like it.

No ooc talk in the posts. If you want to talk ooc or make suggestions, there is a spot for that out of the ring so take it back there please and for the love of God...No God Moding! We are not into God moding and it's a real pain in the ass people. Also if your character is moving to another rping forum, have them leave the previous one for some reason and follow the day on the headline. If it says, it's new years....it's new years so act like it and don't be a total dweeb by doing stuff the guy wouldn't do like we all know Steve Austin probably wouldn't drink coolers!

Have fun and no we don't know the wrestlers and this is for fun only. Remember the wrestlers belong to themselves and the WWE belongs to Vince McMahon. This is just for fun.
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How to Get Into The Ring
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